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In this fast-paced and demanding world, it is important for us women to take time to unplug and get grounded.

The sacred treatment of Abhyanga does just that. During this luxurious treatment, you will experience the anointing of the body with warm oils as Cheryl uses rhythmic, choreographed strokes throughout the body. You will feel the rhythm of the treatment release tensions, as the warm oils nurture and soothe. Balance and harmony are restored empowering the body’s healing system. A calm sense of inner and outer well-being is experienced.
To further enhance this treatment, Cheryl customizes the oils specific to your needs.
When done regularly, this therapeutic treatment can be a remedy to healing many imbalances and discomforts.
***This is not a western style of massage. 


-120 minutes -

Cheryl  $120


Mandara_Skin_Body_Spa_Fort_Collins_ Mandara_Skin_Body_Spa_Fort_Collins_Ayurvedic_Treatment_Kansa_Wand_Face_Therapy

Joyful Living Ayurvedic Package

In Ayurveda, the importance of a consistent daily routine can’t be underestimated.  It sets the tone for your entire day, bringing a sense of calm and balance.  It gives the body, mind, and spirit the chance to ground and cleanse, to start afresh.  Join Cheryl to learn the essentials of this ancient, holistic healing life-style. Learn these transformative Self-Care practices, and experience enhanced overall wellness, increased longevity and Joyful Living.

1 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Session

1 Ayurvedic treatment ( Abhyanga or Face Rejuvenation)

1 Private Yoga Session 

Cheryl $195



Face and Body Rejuvenation

This exclusive Mandara treatment draws on the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic energy points (Marma Points) targeting areas throughout the body. In this subtle balancing treatment, energy imbalances are gently and magically brought into alignment. A state of total relaxation is experienced. Many health benefits accompany this treatment, including a calmed nervous system, improved sleep, decreased stress and reduction of pain.

Cheryl offers this treatment, using specially designed hand movements, on specific energy points, over the head, face, chest, and feet. ISUN Gemstone oils enhance the beauty of this treatment & are chosen based on your specific needs at the time of treatment.
You will leave this treatment with luminous skin, a sparkle in your eyes and a smile on your face. 


-90 minutes-

Cheryl $90


Mandara_Skin_Body_Spa_Fort_Collins_ Mandara_Skin_Body_Spa_Fort_Collins_Ayurvedic_Private_Yoga_Therapeutic

Private Therapeutic Yoga

There is an innate power of Yoga to bring us balance in body, mind and soul.
Cheryl’s approach through Therapeutic Yoga, is to treat the whole person, assisting each person to recognize and identify activities, perceptions and habits, which inhibit  healing and perpetuate discomfort and illness. An individualized practice will be designed for you with the intention of improving life function and quality of life. You will be guided through gentle Yoga postures, breath practices, Chanting and Meditation specific to your needs and desires. No previous Yoga experience is needed.

-60 minutes -  

Cheryl $60