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Signature ISUN Facial

A stunning facial, customized for your skin, restores and transforms your skin to vitality and rejuvenating radiance.  From beginning to end the aromatic experience is memorable and lingering. Included in the facial is a signature exfoliation treatment that immediately changes the appearance of your skin to a vibrant, smooth texture with softened lines plumped with moisture, and a beautiful, healthy glow.

Our signature facial also pampers you from head to toe with rich, moisturizing herbal oils.  Balancing energies from our massage transport you to other worlds, giving you an undeniable feeling of well-being. The finished products will give your skin exactly what it needs for transformational skin radiance, and a final misting with our Ormus Myst will elevate all your senses and bringing a finish to your ISUN facial experience. 

                                                                                               - 90 Minutes -



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Sanitas Customized Facial

Using biogenic ingredients that work at the cellular level, this treatment is ideal for problematic and maturing skin.  This facial will enhance tissue firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize inflammation as well as stimulate collagen and elastin production on the cellular level. With the special formulations of Vitamin A, C, E, K and D, phospholipids and other highly concentrated peptides by Sanitas, your skin has no option but to respond. A truly heavenly experience!

- 90 Minutes -



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Refresher Facial

An express but thorough treatment great for those on the go. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and massages, leaving you totally refreshed and renewed 

- 50 Minutes -